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What makes a side-project

The IT industry is a mash-up field that brings many skill-sets together. When everything just works — it can be joyful, fulfilling, and rewarding. But at the same time, it can bring a lot of stress pumped-up from over-promised agileness and deadlines that just sometimes don’t work — dangerous ingredients leading to a state of burnout.

As a User Interface Designer and Web Developer for over 10 years, I am working mostly on enterprise applications. I love the challenges to put myself into the shoes of employees that would stare at my coat of CSS daily, clicking through a big-ass data management application. …

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So, we are just a day before the big Apple iPhone event. The excitement is not as it was, since a lot of devices caught up, and even in some cases surpassed the iPhone as a mobile device of choice. There are a lot of speculations around the next iPhone, like the absence of a headphones jack, dual camera, even a pro version. I don’t want to copy and relate to other sources that may or may not leaked this information, so I decided to make a wishlist — what I would like to see improved in the next iPhone, based on my personal experience as a power user of it’s predecessor. …

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Pharrell is a name that I believe everybody knows. He’s been active on the music scene for a really, really long time, and the number of his collaborations is astounding, as the artists that he’s been collaborating with. The “Happy” artist is no doubt on the original side of all the creative artists on the music scene. Speaking of creativity, it led him to be not only one of the most successful musicians in today’s industry, but to succeed in the world of design and art as well. …



creative by hobby, lazy by profession

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